Gokuldas Public School

Gokuldas Public School Gokuldas Public School
Age Group 11-15 Years

About Gokuldas Public School, Khargone

Established in 2004, Gokuldas Public School was founded by Shri Ashok Mahajan and Smt. Sarita Mahajan with a distinct vision. Their approach deviated from the conventional educational model, instead aiming to create a school that stood apart. Fueled by abundant resources and human expertise, their vision was to establish a premier institution that could rival the best in and around the Khargone district.

Over the past six years, Gokuldas Public School has undergone a remarkable transformation, becoming an entity truly unparalleled and distinctive. This journey of growth and development stands as a testament to both the boundless benevolence of the divine and the enduring faith held by our students and their parents. Our institution is dedicated to furnishing top-tier facilities to our students, led by a highly qualified faculty, all with the overarching goal of delivering an elevated level of education.

Gokuldas Public School extends its educational opportunities not only to the children of Khargone town but also to deserving students from neighboring areas. Affiliated with CBSE New Delhi and following its curriculum, the school seamlessly blends rigorous academics with co-curricular engagements, sports, and games to ensure the holistic advancement of each student’s character. Situated on Bistan Road in Khargone, Madhya Pradesh, the school boasts its building alongside an expansive playground. It takes pride in its well-equipped science laboratories, cutting-edge computer laboratory, innovative Brain Café, and a well-stocked library. The school embraces co-education and embraces students from all backgrounds without bias of caste, creed, or social standing. The medium of instruction is English.

Students at Gokuldas Public School benefit from contemporary digital classrooms and a state-of-the-art language laboratory, enhancing their learning experience.

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